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Stored computer media can be greatly affected by changes in temperature and humidity. Today's media is more sensitive to these changes. Listed below are links to some manufacturer's home pages defining the temperature and humidity tolerances of specific media. Articles helping you understand these effects on your media are also listed.

If you have any comments on these articles or problems with media you need solved, please go to the Inqiries page and let us know. We will respond to you and your media problems.

Article - Effects of Humidity on Life Expectancy of Media
Controlling Humidity is Essential for Storing Media - If You Want to Read It! Great Graphs Showing the Life Expectancy of Media Decreases with Increases in Temperature and Humidity.

Article - Data Storage: From Digits to Dust
Surprise! Computerized Data Can Decay Before You Know It. More Information on Life Expectancy of Data.

Media Manufacturer's Environmental Tolerances
The following media manufacturer websites have media temperature and humidity tolerance information:

(4mm DAT Tape)

(8mm Tape)


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