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SafeSupplies® develops Disaster Prevention products that protect original and processed computer data from loss by fire, water, moisture, humidity and other environmental influences.

Protecting your data protects your investment in time and the labor intensive process of re-creating data for business or personal use. SafeSupplies has distributors worldwide. Please go to Contact Page for Nearest Distributor information, and let us know your other data protection needs.

SafeSupplies® has provided data security and protection products around the world since 1990 and is proud to announce their products:


The FireCooler 1000 and 1100 protect valuable original and backup media from fire damage for at least one-hour up to temperatures of 1700 degrees F/ 927 C. Also protects contents from loss by sprinkler and water damage. Excellent for office and home protection.

FireCooler 1000- a Finalist in the Best of COMDEX/ Fall '95 New Products contest and the most affordable one-hour UL rated media safe in the world.

FireCooler 1100- the first one-hour media safe in the world that protects 4 mm and 8 mm tape, DLT, CD-Rewritable and other highly temperature sensitive media.

DataDry Moisture Absorber- protects valuable data from deterioration, rust, corrosion, binder breakdown, mildew and other damage caused by moisture or humidity to media. The first moisture absorbing product that protects media from loss by moisture and humidity, and is reusable for five years.


  • First Place, Brochures & Cards Category, 1993
    COMPTia-Computer Reseller News Advertising Awards Competition. Brochure was entitled, "The PC FireCooler - Portable FireProtection".
  • Runner-Up, Utility Category, Best of New Products at COMDEX/Fall '95 for FireCooler 1000.
  • Hewlett-Packard SureStore Tape References Solutions Provider.
  • Walmart Innovation Center (WIN) rated the PC FireCooler in the top 8% of all products ever evaluated by WIN for new and creative innovation.

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